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Building Horizontally is Key To Unlocking Next Level Interoperability

Aug 25,2021

In the age of Big Data, organizations across multiple industries must have a firm grasp on the way they understand their unstructured data. A poor grasp can easily spell ruin for a company.

For example, manual completion of data-related tasks is becoming harder to justify from a cost, time, and effort standpoint. The use of a technology platform to create applications that will automate many of the functions that underpin a business’ essential operations may be the difference between failure and success.

Why Vertical Platforms Fail to Solve Document Understanding 

Choosing the right platform requires a future-forward approach. Historically, vertical application platforms have been the only option for document understanding. The challenge is, however, that vertical applications cannot solve document understanding because the underlying technologies are changing rapidly, each workflow is different, and documents are highly sensitive. While vertical tools can be useful for dealing with specific company pain points, they can also severely limit integration between systems.

A horizontal application platform, by contrast, is designed with system interfacing and interaction in mind. Instabase is a horizontal application platform with the ability to integrate with numerous third-party technologies–not just in a single iteration, but as these technologies evolve.

Robust integration capability creates an open ecosystem–making Instabase a future-ready solution for businesses looking to save time, money, and effort via bespoke automation solutions.

Two Key Reasons to Embrace a Horizontal Approach

Here are two key reasons the integration capability offered by Instabase’s horizontal application platform is crucial for enterprise-level document understanding, both now and in the future.

Future-proof Accuracy at Scale

Achieving accurate results using a vertical application platform can be a daunting task, considering the unstructured nature of the majority of documents being processed. Because vertical application platforms are inherently rigid in structure, they do not lend themselves to easy integration, customization, or scalability. When it can be done, customization is an IT-intensive effort which can become quite complex very quickly.

With its more streamlined, simplified architecture and deep learning innovations, Instabase leverages a building block approach that allows you to deploy multiple applications at scale on its horizontal application platform. Integration is simple, and the result is a customized solution that better equips Instabase customers to process, analyze, retrieve, and extract their company data and improve operational processes quickly and efficiently. Its innovative horizontal approach ensures that customers have the applications they need today and the ability to add applications in the future as needs change or advancements in deep learning technology occur.

Next-Level Interoperability and Speed to Value

Personalized for each client and designed with integration as a core value, Instabase enables interoperability, which supports collaboration across company departments and operations. Instabase customers can easily select from a catalog of pre-packaged building blocks that integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

For unique workflows, the platform enables customers to rapidly build new applications and integrate them into existing systems as well. Built on the concept of complete interoperability, Instabase’s horizontal application platform allows customers to quickly tweak current document management processes and automate new workflows as the need arises–all with the assurance that those new applications will work well with existing applications and systems.

Because Instabase is infra-agnostic, customized solutions can be embedded anywhere they’re needed, as quickly as they’re needed.

The future of document understanding hinges on the ability to customize and innovate at scale, deliver accurate results quickly, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Horizontal application platforms meet all those criteria and hold promise of even more as the technology develops.

See the future of document understanding at work today and build it better on Instabase.

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