Instabase Spotlight: Scaling People and Culture with Angela Miller, Head of Recruiting

Mar 01,2022

We’re thrilled to welcome Angela Miller, a magnetic global talent recruitment executive with 15 years of experience attracting top R&D and engineering talent, to Instabase, where she’ll apply her expertise in talent brand strategy to strategically scale the Instabase global team. In this spotlight, we’ll highlight Angela’s background, her journey to Instabase and her vision for the company.

About Angela:

Angela is a dynamic talent acquisition specialist with a passion for fostering company culture and replacing stock photo “come work here” banners with inspiring and real employee experiences that connect the right talent to the right opportunities. In her previous role as Sr. Director of Global Talent Acquisition and Operations at Pure Storage, Angela scaled the team from 400 to 4,000 and launched Pure’s inaugural Returnship program to help women return to work after career breaks, dismantling career gap stigmas. 

Angela is a big advocate for building synergies between corporate and talent brands, which she believes is key to an effective talent brand strategy. Amid an ever-changing recruitment market, she is energized by thinking out-of-the-box to find creative solutions to industry-wide challenges. 

Why did you join Instabase? 

When I envisioned my next professional move, I’ll be honest, I imagined a start-up nearing an IPO with around a thousand employees. But after meeting with Instabase’s executive team, I threw that initial and limiting criteria out the window. Right away I grew a strong affinity for the people, the product and the prospect of joining an engineering-led company, key to attracting top talent. In addition, I do believe that automation platforms have the ability to help bridge labor and skills gaps, and feel strongly that Instabase is part of this movement. 

What is your approach to building and scaling teams?

Many elements of recruiting have been automated, but one component that can’t be automated is storytelling, which drives my approach to building and scaling teams. Through compelling examples of real people and real experiences, we create human-to-human connections that inspire, foster trust and ultimately attract top talent. 

What makes you excited about the future of Instabase?

Companies across industries are turning to AI and automation amid unprecedented global labor shortages, signaling a turning point for the augmented workforce, which Instabase has a unique opportunity to shape with its end-to-end enterprise workflow automation solutions. In addition to cracking the code for today’s and tomorrow’s labor shortages, Instabase’s solutions are actively contributing to intelligent process automation and empowering employees to work smarter. 

A year from now, I look forward to reflecting on what we built as a team in 2022 and feeling an immense sense of pride. Then setting a new set of aggressive goals to achieve together again next year! 

What’s next?

In addition to setting the recruiting team up to achieve this year’s aggressive growth goals, I’m focused on curating Instabase’s authentic talent story to bring to life the passion and the people behind the product. By putting Instabase’s uniqueness onto paper, we’ll be able to meaningfully connect with prospective talent and foster a true sense of comradery within the walls of Instabase, wherever those walls may be.