About Steve: How would you describe yourself as a leader? Why did you join Instabase?  What will your role entail?  What makes you excited about the future of Instabase?

We’re thrilled to welcome Steve Jenner, a challenge-driven, customer-facing business leader with 20 years of experience establishing and scaling high growth organizations in new markets. At Instabase, he’ll leverage his passion for solving customer problems and helping companies become category kings, to lead our efforts to give Instabase customers a superior end-to-end customer experience, now the biggest brand differentiator for customers. In this spotlight, we’ll highlight Steve’s background, journey to Instabase, and his vision for the company.

About Steve:

Steve has proven expertise in optimizing customer experiences and scaling customer-facing teams gained through executive-level roles across both customer success and sales engineering. Steve joins Instabase from DataRobot, where he served as Chief Customer Officer and launched and scaled the company’s technical organization focused on presales, professional services and customer success functions. Prior to that, Steve served as VP Worldwide Sales Engineering at Zscaler, where he scaled the presales organization during a time of substantial company growth, more than doubling the presales headcount to over 300. 

How would you describe yourself as a leader?

My leadership style is transparent, data-driven and inclusive. I’m an open book and have always encouraged my colleagues, especially new hires, to ask me questions that’ll not just allow them to get to know me but help them on their paths to success, whatever that looks like for them. 

I’m also incredibly passionate about cultivating and maintaining diversity at the leadership level. As a father to three daughters, I feel responsible for contributing to an industry that celebrates and champions diverse leaders. 

Why did you join Instabase? 

During my first demo, I remember being blown away by a mortgage processing use case that shed light on the level of complexity at hand and the low quality data that people have to work with. And as someone who recently applied for a mortgage during the pandemic, I resonated with the pain of waiting so long for the process to be completed and knowing there has to be a way to speed it up. To me, this use case showcased the complexity that Instabase is equipped to tackle and made me want to be part of the solution. 

What will your role entail? 

In my new role, I’m responsible for fostering a customer-centric culture, identifying opportunities to improve touch points throughout the customer journey and driving growth by both attracting new customers and driving customer retention. This entails helping customers understand the potential that Instabase unlocks and building lasting relationships and trust with them, which is established by providing solutions to their unique and evolving challenges using our platform.

What makes you excited about the future of Instabase?

In the short-term, I’m really excited to work with the impressive caliber of talent that we have at Instabase. And long-term, I look forward to recreating our financial services recipe for success in other verticals with large amounts of unstructured data.