Instabase Spotlight: Hyper-Scale Transformation with Phil Vella, Sales Leader

Jan 13,2022

We’re thrilled to welcome Phil Vella, a dynamic sales executive with over 20 years of experience scaling businesses, to Instabase, where he’ll leverage his deep expertise in hyper-scale transformation to establish Instabase’s Central and West Coast sales teams. In this spotlight, we’ll highlight Phil’s background, journey to Instabase, and his vision for the company.

About Phil:

Phil is an award-winning global business executive with a passion for building teams and scaling businesses. In his previous role as Director of Worldwide Software Sales & Strategy at Cisco, Phil pioneered Cisco’s multi-billion dollar Enterprise Agreement SaaS portfolio (EA 2.0) and led the company’s transformation to a software-driven company. Also at Cisco, Phil turned around declining small, mid-size and enterprise market segments, received four Chairman’s Club Awards, a company record, and was inducted into Cisco’s Sales Hall of Fame.

A veteran sales leader and mental health advocate, Phil is energized by the challenge of developing, leading, and executing strategic transformation strategies from the ground up, while staying true to his commitment to always put people and his teams first. 

How would you describe yourself as a leader?

At Cisco, I led a very large number of global sales reps and from that experience, I realized my passion for investing in the personal and professional growth of my teammates. Now, nothing is more rewarding to me than playing a role in changing the trajectory of people’s lives and making a meaningful impact on an organization.

It’s our job as leaders to bring out the best in the teams we serve. That requires believing in them when they don’t believe in themselves and pushing them to conquer the unconquerable. I will never be a manager, I am a resource that my team can count on every step of the way.

Why did you join Instabase and what will your role entail?

Instabase offered me the unique opportunity to be the most authentic version of myself and to help build something that will change the way businesses work, which as a creator was music to my ears. From my conversations with Instabase’s executive team, I was sold on the endless opportunities that Instabase’s horizontal application platform offers and I left those conversations wanting to be part of the journey. 

In my new role, I’m tasked with building and running Instabase’s new Central and West Coast sales divisions with the goal being not just to drive sales in those regions, but to make them integral to the company. I’m excited to bring my passion for scaling brand new divisions to Instabase, where I’ll foster an energetic, optimistic and winning culture.

What makes you excited about the future of Instabase?

The business value that Instabase’s deep learning technology can unlock from unstructured data problems is limitless. We started in the financial services and insurance industries, but we won’t stop there. There’s a huge opportunity in the healthcare space with claims and verification. In addition to the opportunity to build new strategic use cases for the technology, there is an incredibly sound runway within the organization. I’m thrilled to help Instabase achieve its vision of changing the way that businesses do work and look forward to the journey along the way. 

What’s next?

Continuing to educate customers on the business outcomes that deep learning delivers and creating new use cases where we empower the federal market and logistics industry to tackle unstructured data with deep learning. The hardest part is getting the rocket off the ground, but we’re up for the challenge.