Instabase Spotlight: Ascending into APJ with Shannon Nixon, Regional VP, APJ

Apr 20,2022

We’re thrilled to welcome Shannon Nixon, a collaborative and inclusive global business IT professional with an engineering background and more than 26 years of experience leading tech-driven business transformations for some of the biggest names to Instabase. At Instabase, she’ll leverage her ability to build sustainable trust with customers spanning industries and regions by thoroughly understanding each business and her passion for scaling teams to lead Instabase’s business expansion into the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region. In this spotlight, we’ll highlight Shannon’s background, journey to Instabase, and her vision for the company.

About Shannon: 

Shannon has proven expertise in business transformation, gained through working at some of the largest tech giants including Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, where Shannon helped large enterprises through critical times of corporate change by leveraging the power of technology to unlock their full potential. Previously, Shannon was CEO and Founder of Ko-Lab8, a next generation digital transformation consultancy focused on driving human-centric digital transformation journeys touching four key components of business: strategy, technology, processes and people.

How would you describe yourself as a leader?

My leadership style tends to be collaborative, inclusive and empathic. 

I believe if you’re going to hire great people, the best thing you can do is empower and enable them to do what they do so well. This takes trust and strong collaboration, not simply within the team, but across the business, as it’s the business in its entirety that drives success, for the individual, the organization itself and importantly, the customers.

I’m also a strong believer in diversity, in all aspects, as differing views, experiences and thought processes complement one another and help create the environment for a high performing team.

Lastly, I feel that approaching people and circumstances with empathy is an important factor to being a leader, as I know that my view into my team’s life is only a partial view. 

Why did you join Instabase? 

The people, problem and platform. Instabase has thoughtfully curated a team of energetic and passionate problem-solvers that I felt drawn to immediately. The problem of unstructured data is one I understand right away and felt compelled to help solve. When speaking with financial institutions about the time-consuming processes they rely on, I could picture the wasted time, money and resources and imagine the meaningful impact that process automation would deliver; and I wanted to be part of that. Lastly, people have been trying to crack the code to unstructured data for awhile, but no one has figured it out. So, there’s something quite special about believing that you’re a part of a history-making solution like Instabase. 

What will your role entail? 

In my new role, I’m tasked with building Instabase’s business and scaling its team within APJ, starting with Australia. This will entail raising market awareness through education on why Instabase’s platform is uniquely positioned to automate processes end-to-end with deep learning and demonstrating this through some of the amazing customer stories we have.  

What makes you excited about the future of Instabase?

Instabase is helping organizations across industries unlock the value of their unstructured data, which now represents 80% of all enterprise data, underpins important business processes, and automates end-to-end workflows. I’m excited to see the quantifiable and meaningful impact that we’ll make on organizations in APJ and feel fortunate to be part of the remarkable use cases to come.