Cloud Computing

Instabase Acquires Cloudstitch

Feb 14,2018

Welcome Cloudstitch!

Today we are excited to announce Instabase’s acquisition of Cloudstitch, a web development platform that uses your office suite as the back-end. We’re excited to welcome the Cloudstitch team to Instabase.

When we first saw Cloudstitch, it was a research project at MIT which explored new ways to think about the composition of web applications. As we watched the product grow and evolve, it became clear that the team represents the exact style of thinking it takes to build the right abstractions for an end-user application platform.

Instabase provides the building blocks for solving some of the most complex problems in computing: our mission is to advance the state of the art by building tools that help people and organizations solve important problems, make discoveries, and create new breakthroughs. This mission requires both impeccable attention to current practices as well as the creativity to look at things in a different way. We’re thrilled to be acquiring a team with both of those qualities.