• Data Processing
    Achieve Accuracy in Document Processing with Configurable Confidence

    Understanding unstructured documents in the real world demands extensibility and full configurability. Inability to tailor the platform to your organization’s particular needs and use cases…

    Sep 02,2021
  • Automation
    Focus on What Matters Most in Your Mailroom with Intelligent Automation

    The mailroom is one of the biggest entry points of information into any business. In many cases, the amount of delivered documentation (both of the…

    Aug 28,2021
  • Automation
    Stop Claim Leakage with Document Understanding Solutions

    Claims leakage (CL)–the money that is wasted due to inefficient claims management processes–is among the top challenges for the insurance industry. It’s little wonder, since…

    Aug 28,2021
  • Business Process
    Building Horizontally is Key To Unlocking Next Level Interoperability

    In the age of Big Data, organizations across multiple industries must have a firm grasp on the way they understand their unstructured data. A poor…

    Aug 25,2021
  • Deep Learning
    Unstructured Data: What It Is and Why It Is an Unsolved Problem

    Anyone who keeps a finger on the pulse of technology news has heard the term “unstructured data.” But what is it, and how does it…

    Aug 20,2021
  • Automation
    Process Automation in Financial Services: Three Challenges Deep Learning Can Solve

    The financial services industry is an excellent fit for process automation powered by deep learning. According to a Deloitte whitepaper: “Automation and cognitive intelligence (CI)…

    Aug 09,2021
  • Automation
    Fuel Trade Growth with Document Understanding

    Buoyed by post-COVID-19 recovery activities, international trade finance is forecast to grow in the next few years at a robust pace. Lacking funds needed to…

    Jul 29,2021
  • Automation
    Exploring the Business Impact of Intelligent Automation

    “Rather than wringing our hands about robots taking over the world, smart organizations will embrace strategic automation use cases. Strategic decisions will be based on…

    Jul 29,2021
  • Automation
    Fast-Forward Decision Making with Automated Income Verification

    Borrowers want decisions about their requested funds soon after they apply for them–and the responsibility to facilitate fast, fair decision making about said loans rests…

    Jul 03,2021
  • Automation
    Revolutionize Transaction Dispute Resolution with Intelligent Automation

    Credit card transaction disputes are unfortunately all too common today. Whether they arise due to fraud, miscommunication, poor-quality services or products, or something else entirely,…

    Jul 03,2021
  • Automation
    Supercharge Client Onboarding & Unlock Perpetual KYC

    Client onboarding can represent an exciting time for a financial institution. A new customer means an expanding book of business, a contribution to organization-wide financial…

    May 23,2021
  • Automation
    Achieve Smooth Scaling for Client Due Diligence Remediation

    Financial institutions must constantly ensure that they remain free from money-related illegality, including but not limited to money laundering, corruption schemes, and terrorism financing. That’s…

    May 20,2021
  • Customer Experience
    Improve Mortgage Customer Experience with Intelligent Automation

    There are few processes that the average person goes through that are as document-reliant as mortgage origination. Loan documentation can be hundreds of pages long,…

    May 13,2021
  • Automation
    Grow Consumer Lending without Growing Costs

    2021 has been a challenging year so far for consumer lending. Still reeling from the fallout of a global pandemic, financial institutions are dealing with…

    May 11,2021