• People
    Instabase Spotlight: Ascending into APJ with Shannon Nixon, Regional VP, APJ

    We’re thrilled to welcome Shannon Nixon, a collaborative and inclusive global business IT professional with an engineering background and more than 26 years of experience…

    Apr 20,2022
  • Hiring
    Instabase Spotlight: Growing Across the Globe with Stephen Reidy, VP, U.K. and Ireland

    We’re thrilled to welcome Stephen Reidy, an energetic global sales executive with more than 15 years of experience scaling businesses across regions, to Instabase. At…

    Mar 14,2022
  • Instabase Spotlight: Scaling People and Culture with Angela Miller, Head of Recruiting

    We’re thrilled to welcome Angela Miller, a magnetic global talent recruitment executive with 15 years of experience attracting top R&D and engineering talent, to Instabase,…

    Mar 01,2022
  • People
    Instabase Spotlight: Hyper-Scale Transformation with Phil Vella, Sales Leader

    We’re thrilled to welcome Phil Vella, a dynamic sales executive with over 20 years of experience scaling businesses, to Instabase, where he’ll leverage his deep…

    Jan 13,2022
  • Engineering
    Instabase Voices: My Wintership at Instabase

    Advait Maybhate was a Software Engineering Intern at Instabase NYC in 2021. He’s currently studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. In his free…

    Jan 11,2022
  • People
    Unlocking the Power of Tech at the Federal Level with Erin Hawley

    We’re thrilled to welcome Erin Hawley, an executive with over 25 years of experience leading complex business opportunities in the federal market, to Instabase, where…

    Oct 25,2021
  • Hiring
    Instabase Spotlight: Rearchitecting How Applications are Built with Dan Weinberg, Sales Leader

    We’re thrilled to spotlight Dan Weinberg, Regional Vice President at Instabase, who recently joined our team. In this spotlight, we’ll highlight Dan’s personal journey, his…

    Sep 21,2021
  • People
    Putting the Tech into Insurtech with Bastiaan de Goei, Industry Leader

    We’re excited to welcome Bastiaan, an expert on the intersection of tech and insurance, to Instabase, where he’ll leverage his deep Insurtech expertise to expand…

    Aug 17,2021
  • Hiring
    Instabase Welcomes Microsoft’s Nathaniel Crook as Chief Revenue Officer

    Instabase is building a horizontal application platform which enables organizations to leverage a suite of intelligent building blocks to automate their most complex business processes….

    Aug 03,2021
  • Engineering
    Learning, the startup way

    Jessica Campos embarked on a wild ride at Instabase as a software engineer in 2018 and is now an engineering manager. Previously, she studied computer…

    Jul 29,2021
  • Engineering
    Building our Engineering Force in India with Hariharan Thirugnanam, Software Engineering Leader

    We’re excited to spotlight Hariharan Thirugnanam, Engineering Leader at Instabase. Hariharan joined in 2018 as the first leader on the ground in India as Instabase…

    Jul 19,2021
  • Hiring
    Instabase Welcomes Facebook’s Yee Jiun Song as Senior Vice President of Engineering

    Instabase is and will always be an engineering-driven company where we place major bets on the future of computing. One of the long-term goals we…

    Jun 15,2021
  • People
    Building the Next App Store with Mark Bubien, Sales Engineering Leader

    We’re excited to spotlight Mark Bubien, Sales Engineering leader at Instabase. In this spotlight, we’ll highlight Mark’s journey to Instabase, where he sees Instabase heading,…

    Apr 30,2021
  • People
    Instabase Welcomes Onur Aksoy to Lead Expansion into Continental Europe

    We are excited to announce that we have hired Onur Aksoy, a proven sales leader in Central and Southern Europe, as a VP of Sales….

    Apr 06,2021
  • Instabase
    Our Bet on the Future of Computing

    Author: Anant Bhardwaj Over the last 5 years, we have been working tirelessly towards what we believe will be the next major offshoot of the…

    Mar 17,2021
  • People
    The Power of Codification in Building a Sales Organization, with Luke Rogers VP of Sales at Instabase

    We’re excited to spotlight Luke Rogers, the VP of Sales at Instabase. In this spotlight, we’ll highlight Luke’s approach to building entrepreneurial, data-driven teams, his…

    Feb 22,2021